Friday, August 27, 2010

Party Stories

I'll start with a classic.
I was at a party with a couple of my friends.  It was a house that we had been to before that hosted a few keggers over the past semester.  Filled with music and people, drugs and drink, bitches and douche bags, this party truly had it all.  Even including an unconscious girl drooped on the couch.  To say that she was unconscious would be to give her respect, because this girl was passed-the-FUCK-out!  A few of my friends and I decided to start drawing on her face.  It wasn't until the mustache and penis were finished when her friends and protectors noticed my colleague tying her shoes together and shooed us off.  The party resumed as normal as possible for the next hour or so with "passed-out-girl" scarcely making signs of life besides breathing, until that glorious moment.  Amongst the crowd of drunken guests, "passed-out-girl" arises to stumbled about four steps.  She was now engulfed in the crowd.  It was at this moment when she pulled down her stockings and began peeing all over the carpet.  I was one of the first to notice and abruptly began to cheer, followed by others.  After she was done relieving herself in front of about 50 people, "passed-out-girl" stumbled back to the couch and took her seat again.  I went to her and made sure she knew I was talking to her.
"Hey.... HEY!" I said while waving my hand in her face.
"Whhhatthh?" she slobbered out.
"Do you know what you just did? In front of everyone? Do you???" I inquired.
"I dont care! I dont care! Leave me alone......." She said while slipping back into dream land.
I wish I would have videotaped this piece of party gold, but sadly I doubt the length of her urination and thought it would be too late by the time my phone camera was open.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.