Friday, September 10, 2010

Party Stories Pt. III

So I havent uploaded anything in a little bit, so here's the latest.

Last Friday I went to a concert called 'Blackout' which is hosted by various local DJ's and they play dubstep, dance, hip-hop, and what have you. Well, I planned to get as drunk as possible for this show, so I went out and bought a bottle of Old Crow Whiskey. This is the night from my memory: Drinking shots at a fast pace, eating some cheese and crackers, blank, blank, blank, sitting on a curb waiting for a taxi, waking up the next morning. I wasn't even sure if I had went the next morning until I noticed the "x's" on my hands. Well after a few discussions with my friends I got some more information. While waiting in line, me and my friends cut about 100 people and walked right in, I lost my phone, grabbed a girls tits, got kicked out for being to drunk, got back in line and payed to get back in, danced (drunkenly), made out with a random girl, got kicked out again, and then went home and passed out.
In addition to this, I got on my facebook to try and find out what happened to me and found a message from a gay kid that's roommates with a girl I know who was at the show. The message reads

"Hey baby, I hope your memory of us last night wasn't a total blackout.

At this point I felt sick. Somehow lacking a hangover that morning, I felt something coming up from my stomach. Well it turns out a friend of the gay kid got on his friends FB account and sent that message to just about every straight guy he knew, so that settled it for me. All in all, I had fun, but still wish I could remember it.

So now I want to ask you readers to tell any funny stories of drunken debauchery you might have in your brain and write it in my comments section. I will read them and the one I like the most I will sponsor their blog on my page for a while. I enjoy stories like this and I am sure you have a few somewhere.


  1. I don't get drunk often but it was a good story

  2. nice post man =)
    good luck with the rest of your blog!

  3. not a drinker for me, but still interesting story.
    good luck for your blogs.

    supporting :)

  4. That's why I stopped drinking, lol.

  5. Not a drinker myself, but cool post anyways!
    Now following, keep it up =]

  6. Well i am more a VODKA drinker.

  7. showing some love!
    keep up the good work

  8. I'm not a party kind of guy. I just turned 21 so maybe I'll hit up a bar sometime just for the experience.

  9. i love too drink :D

  10. well i am drink whiskey

  11. i never get drunk im always the designated driver XD