Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween is a time for kids to play and adults to try their best to keep track of them while handing out candy. So where does that leave me, the college student? Well, if I could remember I would tell you.
Halloween weekend has been noted as one of the craziest weekends for the student body of The University of Kansas. Friday night I simply got too drunk and smoked a spliff and just had to sleep. Saturday though, I was determined to make it eventful, and it didn't disappoint. The Night started the usual way: shots, beer pong, jokes, and joints. Then me and the boys headed downtown to meet up with some chicks and go to a party or two. The party we went to was hosted by the local whore. It was so lavish! There was a peacock, an elephant, a cat, and even some royalty. After this party slowed down we went to another across the street which wasn't much better. We decided we should go back to a friends house and enjoy the cool fall breeze on our faces while our bodies were submerged in the glory that is a hottub. Since we were all drunk, the only real way to get around was either by foot, or a late night mass transit called Safe Bus.
When the group got to the bus stop, we were surrounded by something like 150 other costumed constituants all waiting to get a ride.
People packed near, pushing each other in, making it work. I, luckily found a seat on the luggage holder while other were forced to cram in like sardines. One girl couldn't keep her head up, and it was a moment before people realized she was spewing all over the ground, and anyone near her. Eventually she was let of where she let out the rest of her guts into the grass.
When we got to our destination, we still had to walk another half mile or so in the cold, but the only one complaining about the elephant in the room was in fact, the elephant.
But the hot tub melted away all our problems.

-Blyce out